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For more than 18 years, Bill worked at Lockheed Martin in a wide variety of HR leadership roles including serving as the HR executive for the Chief Financial Officer at Corporate Headquarters in Bethesda, MD.

As the radio talk show host of "Let's Talk Careers", which aired in Philadelphia for more than 11 years, Bill interviewed hundreds of guests about workplace issues.

Bill is a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation. In addition, he is certified by multiple organizations, including Development Dimensions International (DDI) to teach leadership courses, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and Profilor.

Bill holds a Master's Degree in Higher Education from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Political Science from Muhlenberg College.

Bill and his wife raised their two daughters outside of Philadelphia. Bill is the past President of the Board of Directors of CreekSide Food Co-op and the current Chair of the HR Committee at Congregation Kol Ami.


Bill has more than 25 years of human resources and executive coaching experience. He has worked in multiple industries including Fortune 500 companies, mid-size privately held organizations, and non-profits including higher education.

Personal story

By the time I was 26, I was already on my 6th job and had relocated multiple times. I was really, really good at interviewing and getting job offers.

Unfortunately, I was even better at quitting.

So, at the age of 27, I was single, living back at my parent's house, mortified, and depressed!

Oh, did I mention that at the age of 49, I was an executive for a Fortune 50 company working at Corporate Headquarters alongside the "C-suite"?

What Happened?

Failure helped me develop important skills, including resiliency, humility, determination and self-care.  Through the help of family, friends, managers, mentors and leadership coaches, I discovered my best self.  My future wife taught me to believe in myself.  Others provided support and guidance.  And leadership coaches helped me gain more insight into my strengths and development areas, challenge my own assumptions, and teach me how to be intentional with managing my career and “showing up” as a leader.

Why Am I Telling My Story?

In the #1 best seller, “The Road Less Traveled”, Scott Peck’s first sentence in the book is “Life is Hard.”  For me, I could not see a path forward in my mid-twenties.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever envisioned when I was 26 and directionless that I would fall in love, get married, have two daughters, and be an executive in a high rise with a corner office.  

Moral of the story? I found my path and passion through the help of others. And now, I want to help others find theirs.

More importantly, I’m good at it because I lived through it and received the appropriate training to do so.  

Career Coach – I have lived through the challenges when you are without direction or at an inflection point in your career at your current organization and not sure whether to stay, leave, or change careers.  

Leadership Coach – I have lived through the challenges of when you are a new or seasoned leader, striving to be your best, and creating a real impact on an organization and others.

Career Transition Coach – I have lived through the challenges of being out of work, deflated, and seeking that next opportunity.

Throughout my career, I’ve always gravitated towards the part of my job in which I could help others in their career.  As I look back, I have successfully coached hundreds of individuals to achieve their career goals. Now, I coach full time and am filled with purpose as I help others find theirs.

As a certified coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF), I primarily use the “Co-Active Coaching” model for those who are in need of career coaching and/or career leadership coaching.  This simply means that I help my clients find meaningful answers by using a range of coaching skills, including asking powerful questions.    


The Bottom Line

I’ve seen the incredible impact that having the right mentors and leaders had on my own life. As your coach, I know that by holding the mirror up just right and asking those crucial questions, I can help you achieve your goals.  

No matter where you are in your professional life, it would be an honor to help you take the next step.  

Personal Story
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